• The Cross Cultural Catalyst tm Program
    Many executives find themselves managing global teams, traveling to new markets, and negotiating with partners in different countries while they are still figuring out their new role.
  • The Cross Cultural Catalyst tm Program
    The Cross Cultural Catalyst™ program develops successful global executives who are capable at managing diverse international teams— we help you get up to speed in the new environment and feel confidant quickly.
  • The Cross Cultural Catalyst tm Program
    This dynamic program combines coaching, training and consulting in an innovative format developed to provide the greatest impact on your performance as a global executive managing diverse international markets and team members.
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Catalyst™ is a complete solution

We provide you with cultural training, coach you to develop your international management skills, and offer tactical solutions to troubleshoot your immediate concerns.

About Us

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Catalyst is delivered in a one-on-one format
tailored to the executives current development needs, that will prepare them for management success in a diverse international environment.


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Catalyst is effective
Over the years we have helped executives work more effectively together with their international teams as they move into larger roles.


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