About Us

The Cross Cultural CatalystTM program was designed to develop international expertise in executives who need global competency...now

Catalyst is Different:

Founded by executives with international management, coaching, and training experience who recognized that preparing others for international roles requires more than a typical coach can provide.


 Our coaches have personally led international teams.  They have worked through conflict in another culture and language.  And they have the ability to frame their experience and help you learn how to be effective at doing the same.

International is Different:

When the challenge involves international teams, culturally diverse individuals or operating in a foreign country's business environment - its not enough for a coach to ask you how you will adapt.


You need cross cultural training that prepares you to undrstand the different business, social, and economic factors that influence those you are working with.


To become more effective as a global executive you need all three - from someone who can train you, coach you, and provide ideas to solve the challenges you face today.


The Solution is Different:

We know to develop competent International Management ability requires combining Coaching, Training, and Consulting.

Coaching is a partnering methodology that draws ideas and options from the person being coached who can then move forward to be more effective.

Training is learning specific material from an expert in that subject who will help you build a core competency in that capability.

Consulting is a solutions based methodology where someone experienced in your situation provides and options and then helps you to choose and implement them.