Why Cross Cultural Catalyst?


Today's business climate requires executives to interact with customers, suppliers and coworkers around the world. Yet many times as these new responsibilities arise the individual is thrown into what may feel like a "sink or swim" assignment under a lot of pressure. Catalyst can be that resource to help you figure out how to be successful - not just swim but swim competitively.


How Does Catalyst Work?


We provide a skills assessment, country specific training and executive coaching to help you develop the capabilities you need so that you know how and when to deploy those techniques.  Our program was developed by executives with in depth knowledge and experience, who have been leading international teams for over 20 years.


Can the Coach Really Understand My Situation?


What we have found after years of working with many executives in cross cultural situations is that a lot of our challenges fall into patterns.  The underlying dynamics of one culture interacting with another are the same - so yes - we can successfully apply our knowledge to help you in any situation.


What Are the Qualifications of the Catalyst Assigned To Me?


Not only is everyone on our Catalyst team versed in our program, they are also experienced coaches, business leaders, and trainers / teachers. And every member of the team has lived overseas.  And they have become proficient in the language.  And have "hands-on" experience in managing people in their country of expertise.  And they can say the same for their U.S. experience. 

They have walked-the-walk in both countries/cultures  


Do I Need Cultural Training? I Have Lived / Traveled / Worked in That Country for Many Years....


In short, yes.  Our training isn't beginner level.  Our Catalyst program training goes deeper into the background, history, economic development, etc that drives individual motivation and behavior today. And then we connect the dots to make that learning meaningful in your daily business situations. We do the same training / coaching in China or Japan or India - its not about teaching culture, its about making connections between learning and doing.  Its about understanding both sides of the different perspectives in a meaningful way.


What Sort of Process Do You Use?


The proprietary Catalyst Process is delivered in a one-on-one format, tailored to the executives current needs and will offer tangible skill development in a fast paced program.


What if I Have Questions Between Sessions or Afterwards?


We offer unlimited email support during and for one month after the program.  We want you to succeed - so we are available to help you translate your learning into action.


What Does 12 Sessions Mean?


During our 12 session program we will interact more than 12 discrete times.  We will have calls to set up the program goals or to make appointments, to check on your reading, to followup on a specific event you were concerned about, etc.  We will be in email contact with you to review your strategy for a tough presentation or recap how you put your learning into practice during a team meeting.  We will be preparing materials for you, reviewing your assessments, planning for the next phase, etc. And we will have at least 12 formal scheduled "meetings" that move the process forward.