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Our coaches meet high standards - Ours 

Each coach has held a management position both in the U.S. and their country of expertise - they know what it feels like to work with local stakeholders, manage conflict, hold interviews, give employee feedback, to lead a team and be that link between the local office and the home office.

Each coach has become proficient in the language of that country - they have led meetings, negotiated with partners, and navigated the business environment in the local language.

Each coach has interacted with local employees, government officials, regulatory agencies, suppliers, customers and within the broad business community in that country - so their knowledge is intuitive, nuanced, and deep. 

Each coach has also held management positions in the U.S. - so they know the home office corporate culture and expectations - they know what and how average Americans business is done and they've been through the conflict of managing two different business culture expectations.

Each coach has experience in training, in coaching, and in business - and they are still engaged in the world of business today so their experience is fresh and their expertise relevant.

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Meet a few of our Catalyst coaches

James Domingo
James honed his executive and international skills serving on two foreign assignments in Japan with a leading US industrial manufacturer. After repatriating from his second assignment in Japan, James was instrumental in developing and implementing an internal coaching program for his employer. 
Kimberly Kirkendall
Kimberly spent five years in China in the late 1980's - studying, running factories for a U.S. company, and as GM of their Asia Pacific subsidiary.  Her roots in China are deep and strong, her knowledge of the business environment and culture helps both U.S. and Chinese executives develop professionally.
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