Some Testimonials Over The Last Few Years:


From a Chinese American Executive at a multi-billion dollar company, sent to the VP of their firm:


I am very happy to have this opportunity to introduce Kim. I first heard about Kim when I was still on an assignment in China 4 -5 years ago. Several YYY managers told me they were consulting with a China expert. I could tell they regarded Kim very highly. I even heard Kim was teaching a Chinese class in YYY. It really built up a strong interest in me to meet her. When I come back from my assignment in China, I once again heard about Kim from my new boss, Mike. He suggested I join a conference Kim had organized. About the same time last year, I finally met her in the conference. I was amazed how she articulate issues related to China. At that time the topic was about selling value. Tell you the truth, before that time, I always thought how good a China expert can she be? She is an American after all! Listen to her, I find she is one of the best I have ever met. 


All China experts can tell you a lot of facts they observed, but Kim has thought through the facts and go beyond the surface into a much deeper level. I have attended a similar class of hers in the spring. When she explain the reason why the Chinese behave the way they do, I can't help to say in my mind, "Aha. now I understand." When she explain why we American do the way we do, I thought to myself, I got it. It helped me to establish a better relationship with my new boss. I understand how he thinks. By the way, he had took her class as well. He can appreciate how I think too. 


From an executive taking over the role of GM overseas:

While I have had over 10 years experience setting up factories and working with our teams overseas I had never gone in as an expat in a fulltime management role.  After hearing Kim's program I realized that I needed to understand how to be a manager in the context of the local business culture.  Having her coach me these last six months has helped tremendously as I encounter new situations and challenges.